availability and purchasing

availability and purchasing

Oddments are currently $175 each.

There are two ways to purchase an oddment:

1.) first-come-first-served: be the first to email me when an available oddment you want is posted (simply place the number in the subject line of your email.)

2.) or, if you are feeling serendipitous and a little brave, buy a painting that has yet to be painted. For example– email me to buy a number, say, 42. Painting number 42, once completed (and whatever it may be) will one day show up on your doorstep. I call this the "Cracker Jack" way to buy an oddment (as in the little prizes found in a box of Cracker Jacks.)

Reserved numbers are not effected by future price increases (i.e. the price you purchase the number for is "locked-in.")

Email me to confirm that the number you want is available.

Each oddment is painted on Belgian linen mounted on 3/8" natural fiber board and are about 3" x 2.5."

Click here to see the archives and available numbers.

Purchasing Instructions:

In terms of payment, buying/reserving a number is the same as buying a painting.

After emailing me to confirm that the painting or number you want is available, please email me your address.

If paying by check, mail to the following address- please write the number of the painting (or the number you are reserving, ie "reserve No.xx") on your check.

Duane Keiser
11231 Turnley Lane
Midlothian, VA 23113

If by PayPal, use the following email:


The current price is $175, plus shipping ($5 in the US, and $10 everywhere else.) If you live in Virginia, state tax makes the price $183.75.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me or call 804-301-4057.

Reserved numbers are not effected by any future price increases (i.e. the price you purchase the number for is "locked in.")